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Maha Jaya Packing (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Maha Jaya Packing is a retail company for industrial PVC curtain products, Gland Packing, Garlock Gasket Packing, Rubber Sheet, Insulation, Plastic Engineering. Our products have superior quality and quality so they can be relied on for your industry.With the spirit of providing the best service to our customers, we are still present to serve our loyal customers. We sell various kinds of industrial needs such as: PVC CURTAINS, GASKET PACKING & GLAND PACKING, INSULATION, RUBBER and other industrial materials. PVC STRIP CURTAIN (CURTAIN PLASTIC CURTAIN) (Yellow Yellow Plastic Curtain), PVC STRIP CURTAIN NATURAL CLEAR (Clear Plastic Curtain), PVC STRIP CURTAIN SUPER POLAR (Plastic Curtain Special Cold), PVC STRIP CURTAIN BLUE (Blue Plastic Curtain), PVC STRIP CURTAIN RED (Red plastic curtain) Pvc Strip Curtain With Good Price And Good Quality Including Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow, Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear, Pvc Strip Curtain Clear, Pvc Strip Curtain Red, Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow, Pvc Strip Curtain Super Polar Clear, Pvc Strip Curtain Natural Clear, Pvc Strip Curtain Non Transparent, Pvc Strip Curtain Double Ribbed Yellow, & Pvc Strip Curtain Double Ribbed Clear We also accept manufacture of PVC Strip Curtain directly (Just Install) GASKET PACKING & GLAND PACKINGGasket Tombo 1000, Tombo 1303, Tombo 1100, Tombo 1935 , Tombo 1995, Tombo 1120, Valqua 1500, Valqua 1501AC, Valqua 6500, Valqua 1500AC, Klinger Top Graph 2008, TOMBO NO. 9038 G-Flon Packing, NON ASBESTOS BG 1005, VALQUA No.2010 NBR, CR, EPDM, NEOPRENE & Other Industrial Materials.OUR SUPERIOR PRODUCTS:FEATURED PRODUCT :VARIOUS PRODUCTS PACKING GASKET Closes two surface parts that are put together to prevent leakage. Types of Packing Gaskets that match what you want Tombo Gaskets, Graphite Gaskets, Valqua Gaskets, Rubber Gaskets, Flange Gaskets, Graphite Plate Packing, TBA Firefly Bracket, Garlock Blue Gard Gaskets, Garlock Gasket Sheets, Insulation Gaskets Etc. VARIETY OF PRODUCTS GLAND PACKING Gland Packing is usually made with woven with a cross section shape and its constituent material can be graphite, acrilic, PTFE, asbestos and so on. Suitable types are Gland Packing Chesterton, Gland Packing PTFE Teflon, Gland Packing PTFE Carbon Fiber, Gland Pure Packing PTFE Teflon, Gland Packing Garlock, Asbeston and Non Asbestos Gland Packing, Aramid Gland Packing, Kevlar Packing Gland, Gland Packing Rames, Gland Graphite Packing. ANEKA PRODUCT PLASTIC ENGINEERING We sell various kinds of industrial plastic needs such as PVC Sheet Gray, Teflon ROD (Bars), Polyethylene Sheet (Sheets), Polyethylene ROD (Bars), MC Nylon Blue, Epoxy Resin Sheets, Ebonite Sheets, Cast Nylon, Carbon PTFE Teflon, Carbon Brush, Teflon Sheet PTFE Etc. VARIOUS PRODUCTS Heat Resistant Glass for industrial needs and our general laboratories sell various kinds of heat resistant glass such as Round Tempered Glass, Pyrex Glass Pipes, Sightglass Glass, Glass Klinger, Heat Resistant Glass Pipes and Other Glass Pipes. INSULATION INDUSTRY PRODUCTS We Sell A Wide Range Of Insulation Products Such As Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation, Gray Fiberglass Fabrics, Broken Corks, Fiberglass Tape Fabrics, Asbestos Fabrics, Fiberglass Cloth (Heat Resistant Fabrics), Asbestos Rope, Rockwool Sound Absorbers, Asbestos Fabrics Etc.


ANEKA PRODUK PACKING GASKET Merapatkan dua permukaan parts yang disatukan untuk mencegah terjadinya kebocoran. Jenis Packing Gasket yang sesuai dengan yang Anda inginkan Gasket Tombo,Gasket Graphite,Gasket Valqua, Gasket Rubber, Gasket Flange, Packing Graphite Plate, Gaket TBA Firefly, Gasket Garlock Blue Gard, Gasket Garlock Lembaran Dll.
ANEKA PRODUK GLAND PACKING Gland Packing biasanya dibuat dengan anyaman dengan bentuk penampang kotak dan bahan penyusunnya bisa berupa graphite, Acrilic, PTFE, asbestos dan seterusnya Jenis yang sesuai adalah Gland Packing Chesterton, Gland Packing Teflon PTFE, Gland Packing PTFE Carbon Fiber, Gland Packing Pure Teflon PTFE, Gland Packing Garlock, Gland Packing Asbeston dan Non Asbestos, Gland Packing Aramid, Gland Packing Kevlar, Gland Packing Rames, Gland Packing Graphite.
ANEKA PRODUK PLASTIC ENGINEERING kami menjual berbagai macam kebutuhan plastik industri ada seperti PVC Sheet Grey, Teflon ROD (Batangan), Polyethylene Sheet (Lembaran),Polyethylene ROD (Batangan), MC Nylon Blue, Epoxy Resin Lembaran, Ebonite Lembaran, Cast Nylon, Carbon Teflon PTFE, Carbon Brush, Teflon Sheet PTFE Dll.
ANEKA PRODUK Kaca Tahan Panas untuk kebutuhan industri dan laboratorium umum kami menjual berbagai macam kaca tahan panas seperti Kaca Tempered Bulat,Pipa Kaca Pyrex, Kaca Sightglass, Kaca Klinger, Pipa Kaca Tahan Panas Dan Pipa Kaca Lainya.
PRODUK INSULATION INDUSTRI Kami Menjual Berbagai Macam Produk Insulation Seperti Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation, Kain Fiberglass Abu Abu, Gabus Patah, Kain  Fiberglass Tape, Kain Asbestos, Fiberglass Cloth ( Kain Tahan Panas), Asbestos Rope, Rockwool Peredam Suara,Kain Asbes Dll.


Gedung Glodok Jaya Lt 4 Blok D No 8 Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Mangga Besar, Jakarta Barat 11180 Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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